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The application window is closed. We will be issuing a targeted call for applications in fall 2024. Our next open call will be in spring 2025.
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Grant Requirements

Interested in applying for a Climate Solutions Portfolio grant? We’re seeking solutions that:

  • Are facing challenges in securing funding from brands, facilities, and other sources to enable widespread implementation.
  • Address one or more of our priority areas:
    • Reduce process demand for energy
    • Reduce energy losses
    • Reduce/eliminate GHG emitted from generating heat and electricity
    • Reduce emissions from the production of natural and synthetic fibers
    • Minimize waste in each step of production
    • Maximize circular reuse of fibers, fabrics, or chemicals.
  • Are requesting $50,000-250,000 of grant funding per year of the grant project.
  • Have measured, projected, or secondary data that demonstrates effectiveness, reach, and scale.
  • Are willing to share insights to help others learn and maintain transparency.

If you believe your solution is a good fit, please review our grant funding thesis and apply.

March 1st
Application opens
March 31st
Application closes
Initial application screening
CSPAC evaluation
Invitation to pitch
CSPAC Final decision
Board approval

Grant timeline

The application process will follow these steps and timeline. We will be in touch if we need anything further from you and to let you know if you have been invited to pitch. If you do not hear from us by the first week of June this means, unfortunately, your application has not been successful. Please note that due to the volume of applications, we will not be able to provide tailored feedback to applicants who are not invited to the pitching stage. We will publish general insights from the applications once the grants have been awarded.


  • Effectiveness - reduction relative to a typical industrial baseline
  • Reach -  breadth of the supply chain the solution can affect at scale
  • Scale – is the solution already at a mature state of commercialization and what is the potential for accelerated deployment by 2030?

Yes, the application automatically saves and you can come back to it as needed until you are ready to submit.

Please follow the link the Submittable website for guidance if you are having difficulty with your application.

  • Pre-seed:  Solutions that are at a concept level and in the process of evaluating and establishing their impact potential.
  • Pilot: Solutions that are in the process of testing their solution in order to demonstrate a proof of concept.
  • Model: Solutions that are working towards de-risking and reducing known barriers to scale.
  • Scale: Solutions that are commercially viable with a proven go-to-market strategy.

The Climate Solutions Portfolio Advisory Council evaluates applications according to the requirements set out in the Grant Funding Thesis with a focus on effectiveness, reach, and scale. Please review the Thesis for additional information.

The Ready Reckoner: Solution Impact Evaluator is only available to applicants and Aii program partners. There is written guidance in the Application Guidance document on how to use the tool. A demonstration of how to use the tool can be found in our resources.

Applications are reviewed by the Climate Solutions Portfolio Advisory Council (CSPAC), a diverse multi-stakeholder body composed of industry experts. Occasionally, the CSPAC may engage external experts and the Apparel Impact Roundtable in the review process.

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