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Non-grant applications are now open! Head on over to our Solution Application Hub to learn more and apply online.
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We’re championing and funding a curated collection of carbon-reducing innovations, projects, and programs to accelerate the industry’s adoption of proven and promising solutions.

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Our Climate Solutions Portfolio platform is a central hub for brands, retailers, industry stakeholders, and commercial financing partners looking to accelerate decarbonization efforts. Featuring a registry of Aii-vetted impact programs as well as detailed data and reporting capabilities, the platform is designed to increase transparency across the industry and ensure the most successful solutions are identified, funded, and scaled.
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Climate Solutions Portfolio registrants are part of a dynamic ecosystem driving positive change in emissions reduction. We invite solutions meeting our criteria of effectiveness, reach, and scale to apply for registry inclusion. Benefits include independent validation; amplified exposure; connections to brands, facilities, and investors to elevate impact; and opportunities for CSP grants and financial support through our blended capital financing pipeline.
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Reduction relative to a typical industrial baseline
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Breadth of the supply chain the solution can affect at scale
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How quickly the solution can scale by 2030