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How we report

This 2022 Impact report was published on March 31, 2023 and covers the financial year from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. This report provides a comprehensive view of Aii’s approach to sustainability and highlights our progress and performance in 2022.

Please contact us with any questions about our Impact Report at Impact@apparelimpact.org

Definitions & Abbreviations


The type of savings a facility has depends on its program status. At Aii we therefore divide the savings into four different categories:

1. Potential savings are based on the full list of potential actions that have been identified at a facility when starting an Aii program.

This would be the highest possible value and the other three data points would represent a subset of these actions.

2. Forecasted savings are based on a roadmap of interventions that we expect the facility to begin implementing over a multi-year period.

3. Projected savings are based on the sub-set of actions the facility has agreed to and is in the process of implementing.

4. Actual savings are based on actions that have been implemented and achieved results measured at the end of the Aii program.

Blended Capital

A mix of funding sources, including public, private or non-profit grants, equity, and debt.

Impact Programs

Impact Programs at Aii are those programs that save actual emissions at factory level. They are applied in the implementation phase of the Carbon Leadership Program.


Aii: Apparel Impact Institute

CO2e: Carbon dioxide equivalent

CSP: Climate Solutions Portfolio

GHG: Greenhouse Gas

Gt: Gigatons

SBTs: Science-Based Targets

VCI: Value Change Initiative

Source: Climate Solution Portfolio application