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Our mission: We’re transforming the apparel and footwear industry by identifying, funding, scaling, and measuring proven solutions and programs that decrease carbon emissions

Renewable energy transition

Energy efficiency improvements

Thermal energy solutions

Renewable energy transition

Energy efficiency improvements

Thermal energy solutions


Non-grant applications are now open! Head on over to our Solution Application Hub to learn more and apply online.
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1. We Identify

We use verified data to identify programs and solutions that are poised to have a significant impact on industry carbon emissions.

2. We fund

We aggregate existing resources and attract new ones to build a pipeline of scalable impact in the industry.

3. We scale

We accelerate the implementation of impact programs and projects that meet our criteria for quality programming: science-based, measurable results, profitable, globally scalable.

4. We measure

We ingest, analyze, and report critical data to move our partners closer to their climate targets.

our Impact

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Let’s fashion a better future

Brands and Manufacturers

Philanthropic Donors and Financial Institutions

Solution Providers

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Connect With Proven Climate Solutions

  • Learn about best practices and data-backed innovations
  • Implement solutions in your supply chain
  • Monitor your progress on the Climate Solutions Portfolio
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Secure Funding to Reach Your Sustainability Goals

  • Access lower-cost financing solutions
  • Unlock innovative financing opportunities
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Spearhead Industry-Wide Change

  • Influence Aii’s approach to new solutions
  • Supercharge impact as a member of the Fashion Climate Fund
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Advance Credible Programs, Technologies, and Products

  • Fund adoption of decarbonization programs
  • Support the development of new financial tools/products
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Accelerate Carbon Reduction

  • Lend critical funding to help facilities meet their environmental goals
  • Facilitate access to impact loans

Ignite Industry Action

  • Sponsor convening and ecosystem leadership opportunities
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Scale Your Solution

  • Increase visibility by joining the Climate Solutions Portfolio registry
  • Connect with brands and manufacturers to implement your solution
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Secure Vital Funding

  • Connect to debt and equity funding opportunities
  • Supercharge scaling with Climate Solutions Portfolio grants


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Clean by Design

Clean by Design pairs facilities with technical experts to address “low-hanging fruit” efficiency improvements that significantly reduce water, energy, and chemical use and waste generation, and have a return on investment period of 12-18 months.
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Climate Solutions Portfolio

The CSP platform is a central hub for stakeholders looking to accelerate decarbonization. It includes a registry of vetted impact solutions and facilitates deployment with advanced reporting capabilities to increase transparency and ensure the more successful solutions are funded and scaled.
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Fashion Climate Fund

It’s time to be bold. Aii’s $250M Fashion Climate Fund combines philanthropic and corporate resources to attract up to $2B in various forms of funding, including debt and equity, to help meet the industry’s goal of halving carbon emissions by 2030.

Founding and strategic partners

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