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CLEAN BY DESIGN FOR TIER 1 - Energy Efficiency Stage 1 Tier 1 program (CbD S1T1)

Published: 22 July 2021
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CLEAN BY DESIGN FOR TIER 1 (CbD S1T1) – Energy Efficiency Stage 1 Tier 1 program results in up to 15% energy savings currently piloting in Vietnam. 


Clean by Design for Tier 1 is a Stage 1 (S1) program for Tier 1 (T1) facilities and captures low hanging fruit efficiency improvements for facilities without wet processing.  


Based on the success of Clean by Design to deliver efficiency for wet processing facilities, Aii worked with strategic partner, IDH to expand the program for T1 facilities without wet processing. 

Launched as a pilot for 13 facilities in 2020, it has demonstrated success in footwear production and cut & sew facilities. 


In partnership with IDH’s Race to the Top, program development was completed and launched with 4 brands and 13 facilities in Vietnam in 2020. The final results include an average 3.05% energy reduction for participating facilities.

  • Energy savings to date: 8,844,700 kWh/year
  • Average energy reduction: 3.05%
  • Co2 emissions reduction: 11,654 tons Co2/year
  • Average Co2% reduction: 4.60%
  • Water savings to date: 219,941 m3/year
  • Average water reduction: 10.0%
  • # of facilities and brands in pilot: 13 facilities and 4 brands