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Clean by Design + Energy & Water Efficiency for Stage 2 Tier 2 program (CbD S2T2)

Published: 28 July 2021
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Clean by Design (CbD S2T2): Energy & Water Efficiency for Stage 2 Tier 2 program to maximize efficiency, resulting in up to 20% energy and 30% water reductions on average.  For a video overview of the program, please click here


Clean by Design + (CbD S2T2) is a Stage 2 (S2) program for Tier 2 (T2) facilities and provides advanced-level energy & water reduction projects for qualified production facilities.


Clean by Design + (CbD S2T2) was developed to support wet-processing facilities “ready for more.” Specifically, mills that fit any of the following criteria:

  • Have previously participated in Clean by Design or comparable international program 
  • Have been identified by nominating brand partners as a strategic fit for the program
  • Have self-identified and demonstrated advanced level readiness

Launched as a pilot for 7 facilities in 2019 and 2020, it provides participants with deeper analytical insights, target-setting methodologies and advanced level environmental improvement opportunities.  CbD+ is available to mills that have participated in traditional CbD or a similar international program OR which have demonstrated advanced performance.


This program is designed to maximize water and energy efficiency for participating mills.  Launched in Mainland China, Pilot participants are expected to save 21% water and 48.18% energy, and 19.8% GHG reduction on top of already established savings from a-b%. 

  • Energy and water savings to date: projected pilot estimates an additional 10% energy and 21% water reductions
  • # of facilities and brands in pilot: 6 facilities and 3 brands (in 2019 and 2020)
  • Pilot country: Mainland China
  • Water Saving – 21%
  • Energy Saving – 48.2%
  • Month payback time on initial investment -7.6 months