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Clean by Design: Clean by Design Chemistry and Wastewater Management Program

Published: 05 August 2021
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Clean by Design: Clean by Design Chemistry and Wastewater Management Program

CbD Chemistry is a program for wet processing designed to establish best practices and procedures for improving inputs, reducing chemical use, careful oversight and operations of wastewater treatment and recycle and reuse when possible.


In 2018, Aii collaborated with GIZ to develop a next generation framework for reducing chemical and wastewater impacts in textile production.  We worked with industry experts, Dr. Linda Greer and Dr. Siva Pariti to research the feasibility of taking the best practice methodology, already successful for reducing energy and water use, and apply it to improving chemical and wastewater management for wet processing facilities.)

With a new set of best practices in hand, Aii collaborated with Target Corporation, Gap Inc, PVH and Arvind Mills and our implementing partner, Sustainable Textile Solutions(STS), to test their applicability in textile mills as a scalable program.

The CbD Chemistry pilot includes a diverse set of seven textile mills in India and has already demonstrated proof of concept in that each participating facility has identified and expects to achieve quantified chemical reductions and/or wastewater improvements as a result of the process. Concurrently, Aii has partnered closely with industry leading experts and stakeholders like ZDHC to establish and maintain a roadmap for connecting the dots among other key chemistry and wastewater initiatives with an eye towards collaborating to drive results, not redundancy.

Several leading apparel and footwear brands have demonstrated interest and commitment to bring the new “best practice” framework to their strategic suppliers. Aii is seeking program partners and funders to bring the Clean by Design program to scale and catalyze the industry towards rapid chemical and wastewater improvements.