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Case Study: Asian Fabricx

Published: 10 February 2022
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Situated in Karur, South India, Asian Fabricx Private Ltd. has been a manufacturer and exporter of home textiles and furnishing products for more than four decades. The company did not hesitate to join Apparel Impact Institute’s Clean by Design Chemicals & Wastewater Management Pilot Program with the intention of learning more about this next-generation framework delivered through Sustainable Textile Solutions, a brand of BluWin Ltd.

Founder of Asian Fabricx Private Ltd., Mr N. R. Venkataachalam supported the program with the belief that the practical approach of the Clean by Design Ten Best Practices would be beneficial in helping the company live up to his vision of being an environmentally responsible organization.

The CbD experts at Sustainable Textile Solutions highlighted improvement opportunities from day one.

Considering the impact of chemicals holistically by understanding the interdependence of chemicals in stock, use, process efficiency, product quality and environmental impact has been the most significant learning of participating in the program.

Asian Fabricx put its new insight into practice and eliminated eight risky chemicals. The company improved recipes, which led to a reduced chemical consumption, 25% of water savings during the dyeing process and an 80% reduction of  sludge moisture. At the same time, the Production and Wastewater Treatment Teams established strong communication to ensure the full treatability of all chemicals to meet regulatory and ZDHC Wastewater requirements.

“The CbD Chemicals and Wastewater Management Pilot Program was helpful in improving our chemical management systems, as well as fine tuning our management program and process flow,” said Mr. Palanivel Rajan, Chief Operating Officer, Asian Fabricx.

The Asian Fabricx team has been delighted to be part of the pilot project and contributed to the revised program design. The relationship between Asian Fabricx and Clean by Design will not stop there. The company would like to extend the project to its printing division in the future.

“We learned that even a small change in the process gives back considerable savings,” said Venkataachalam